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HBM Reclaim Collector

HBM Reclaim Collector

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14mm/90 Degree Glass Reclaim Collector

HBM Reclaim Collector is extremely beneficial.
Reclaim the wasted wax that would normally just gunk up your rig!
The HBM Reclaim Collector comes with a silicone container that collects your reclaim dabs. Unlike some reclaim systems, the HBM Reclaim Collector is designed with a directed point on the down piece ensures that all of the reclaim ends up in the silicone container.
Save money, keep your rig tidier, and enjoy your reclaim!

  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Works With 14mm Male E-Bangers And Bangers Only
  • The Receiving Adapter On Top Is a 14mm Female!
  • Includes a Colorful Silicone Containers (Color Randomly Chosen)
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